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Generel information


Euro Brand Shop Aps
CVR-nr. 41575840
Ibæk Strand vej 11A
Mailadresse: rt@eurobrandshop.com
Telefonnummer +0045 93550502



We accept Visakort, Mastercard og MobilePay


We do not charge a transaktion fee.

The amount is first to be withdrawn, when the product is shipped.


To Denmark:

Shipping is from 13,5 EUR pr. order. There is free shipments above 2.000 EUR.


To Sweden:

Shipping is from 13,5 EUR pr. order. There is free shipments above 2.000 EUR.


To Germany:

Shipping is from 20 EUR pr. order. There is free shipments above 2.000 EUR.


Delivery time is 3-5 week days.


Right of withdrawal

As a consumer you have a 14 days right of withdrawal, when you buy from us.

The right of withdrawal expires 14 days after the day you have recieved the products. If you have ordered several different products in one order, but they are delivered seperatly, the right of withdrawal expires 14 days after the last product is recieved.

The deadline invovle that you give is notice, that you want to regret your order. We should have the notice at the latest, 14 days after delivery. You can send us and E-mail to rt@eurobrandshop.com.


You can not regret the purchase by refusing delivery, without giving us notice.



Regretting a part of the purchase

If you have bought several products from us, you have the possiblility to send one or more products back, eventhough they have been bought together.


Note that you will get the shipping cost back, if you regret a part of your order.



When you have given us notice that you want to regret your purchase, you have 14 days to send it back to us.

You have to pay for the shipping yourself and you are reliable to any damage to the package or if the package is lost during transport.

Condition of the item, when you ship it back

If the item has lost value and it is because you have used it in another you, then what was necessary to establise the items properties and the why they funktion, you will only get part of the purchase amount back. The amount depends on the commercial calue and in some parts you will only get the shipping cost back.


Return of the purchase amount

If you regret your purchase you will get your money back. If the item is impairmented, we will subtracts the amount of which you are reliable for. We will refund you all payments from you, as well as shipping cost ( Only the amount of the cheapest shipping will be returned ) at the latest of 14 days after we have been giving notice that you have regretted the purchase.

We will return the payment on the same means of payment, as you used to purchase the products. that is unless we have agreet otherwise.

We can withheld the payment until we have recieved the products.


Products are ship to:


C/O Eurobrandshop

Strømmen 4

9400 Nørresundby


We only recieve parcels shipped directly to our address.

Right of complaints

When you purchase from us as a consumer, the act of purchase is applicate.

That means that you have 24 months rights of complaint
If the compaint is justified, it means that you will get your product either repaired, replaced, your money back or a deduction in the price, depending on the situation.


You need to complain withing a reasonable time after the error has been discovered. If you complain withing 2 months of having discovered the error, the complaint is timely.

Is the complain justified, we will refurn your ( reasonable ) shipping cost. The product always needs to be shipped back in proper packaging. Remember to get a reciept for the shipment, so we can return your shipping cost.


Items is ship to:


C/O Euro Brand Shop

Strømmen 4

9400 Nørresundby



We only recieve parcels send directly to the address.

When you return the product, please note in details what the problem is. 

Personal data policy

We need the following informations when you purchase from us.

Name, Address, Phone number and E-mail address.

We register and forward the informations that are necessary to deliver the products to you.


The personal informations are registred at Euro Brand Shop and are kept in 5 years, for then to be deleted.


We cooperate beside that with other companys which store and process your information. The companys only process the information at our behalfs and are not allowed to use them to there own purpose.


We only cooperate with dataprocessors in EU or in countries which can give you a adequate protection.


The responsible for data at www.eurobrandshop.com is:


Euro Brand Shop Aps
CVR-nr. 41575840
Glarmestervej 35
E-mail: rt@eurobrandshop.com
Phone number: +0045 93550502


You have the right to know which informations we have about you.

If you think the information is inaccurate, you have the right to get them corrected. In some cases vi have a obligation to delete your data, if you ask for it.

It can be if your data is no longer needed for the purpose of which we had to use them for.

You can also contact us if you think your data is kept in violation with the law. You can always write to us at: Info@ziigee.com


Access to complaints

If you as a consumer wants to complain about your purchase you need to contact rt@eurobrandshop.com. If we do not find a solution, you can send a complain to:


Center for Klageløsning

Nævnenes Hus

Toldboden 2

8800 Viborg



If you have place of residence in another EU country then Denmark, you can complain to: http://ec.europa.eu/odr



Terms and conditions is last updated at: 15.08.2021